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Frizzy Hair, Tips On How To Fight It

Frizzy hair is a problem for many new naturals and we can help.

For many, frizz is the devil but is that being too definitive on the term? One would assume that all women hate frizz but is that actually true? If a natural is trying to rock a sleek ponytail or just any type of straight style, it is pretty safe to assume she wants no part of frizz

When it comes to our natural coils and kinks, are we in love with or have no issue with frizz? I am talking about our 3c/4a-4c hair lovelies with the tighter textures. Are we even concerned with it? Let’s discuss: 
Let's go back for just a minute as many are newbies and need some guidance on hair typing. Here's a chart to explain hair typing briefly although I will be having a post up shorty thoroughly discussing hair typing.

Frizzy hair is a problem for many new naturals and we can help.
Photo courtesy of Naturallycurly.com

What is frizz?
Frizz is tangles, knots, loss of curl or coil definition and a real mess. The major cause is dehydration of the strands and that’s why curlies tend to have it more than straight-haired women. Our hair is often thirsty and when it comes down to the tighter textures we have more bends and curls and it is harder for the sebum or moisture to get in and when we do not add moisture and retain it, our hair becomes frizzy and dry.  For many 3C/4A-4C curlies, frizz equals dry, brittle strands that are thirsty for moisture

If you find frizz just on your ends it can mean it is time for a trim. Frizz can come from the weather as humid climates contribute to frizz or it can come from using products that just are not the best choices for your hair texture.  

Do women with Type 3C/4A-4C care about frizz?
In one word…absolutely! I fall into this texture and I find frizz as the enemy on most occasions. The only time I do not care about frizz is if I’m going for a more voluminous look (like the featured pic above) and then frizz becomes my ally. It aids in giving me height and fullness as my coils are extremely tight and while I don't try and make my hair frizzy, if I leave it alone for a few days it will frizz up on its own.  

Despite how I feel, you can find a treasure trove of articles in magazines, online and on YouTube about women with 3C/4A-4C hair textures sharing the tips on fighting frizz.  One of the worst styles to rock if you are continually fighting frizz is the wash and go. Frizz is a big part of the reason why so many naturals have a love/hate relationship with it. The wash and go is characterized as a carefree style that embraces one’s shrinkage and clumps no matter your pattern but many find themselves worrying about curl definition and frizz. 

There is nothing worse than twisting your hair at night only to unravel in the morning for your banging twistout and find a ton of frizz. We share tips about untwisting gently or adding an oil to your fingers to try and not disturb the twists and cause frizz. We also share the proper way to twist or braid hair so your twistout won’t end up frizzy. It seems our entire world when it comes to our hair is in the hopes of not causing frizz!

Every 3C/4A-4C curly girl has her Holy Grail for frizz or is actively finding one. Mine is gel. I have two gels that keep my hair from frizzing out of control without causing dryness or flakes and leave my hair soft. Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel are my go to gels. I use KCCC at home or in drier climates and Eco in more humid places. 

Application of products and styles can also contribute to frizz and while many may assume our propensity for frizzy tresses means we like it, it really just means we understand it comes with the territory sometimes. So, yes we care about frizz and are actively fighting it (some are not as we are all different) but frizz or not, most 3C/4A-4C curlies love their texture and just want gorgeous hair and no frizz is truly not a bad thing. 

Do you fight frizz? If so what's your Holy Grail for combating it or let us know if you just accept it.


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