Flat Twist Out On Transitioning Natural Hair, Master It!

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Styling natural hair can be challenging for some women but it really doesn’t have to be. I always suggest checking out videos on YouTube for styling ideas and tutorials. Even if you are not a hair-styling diva, you can learn how to create even them most complicated styles you see and love. One of my favorites styles for transitioners is the flat twist out or flat twist and curl. 

How To Get Perfect Curl Wand Curls On Natural Hair

Similar to cornrows, flat twists lying flat against the scalp. Very similar to regular twist outs but there is more definition at the roots, more elongation on the hair (due to more tension creating the hairstyle) and it is more technical than a regular twistout. Don’t know how to flat twist? Here’s how you do it.

How to flat twist

Flat twists are not as difficult as creating cornrows and they use two strands of hair instead of three.  Hair needs to be fully detangled, and they are best done on fully stretched hair (if you have 4C hair) or can be done on freshly washed hair. Trying both methods to determine which works best for you will be the determining factors on which method to use. Hair is placed into cornrowed sections but flat twist instead of braiding and for better definition, coil the individual strands before twisting them around one another. 

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Ohemjee Jo!

Make sure hair is smooth before twisting and for even better definition and lasting style, roll ends with perm rods. Flat twists is the perfect style to rock when transitioning, because it lasts a long time, curls are well defined and it is a protective style that mimics one curl pattern instead of your two or maybe even three! 

Flat twist on freshly washed 3-4 Month Transitioning Hair

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter & Argan Oil Repair & Transition Kit
Denman Brush
Olive oil
Eco Styler Gel 
Perm Rods

Ohemjee Jo washed and conditioned hair with shampoo and conditioner in the kit.  She applied some Eco Styler Gel to permed ends so the lays flat. She begins flat twisting the section taking up hair along the section as she continues to twist down. At the end of the sectioned hair she takes a perm rod and roll halfway up for that added definition. 

How To Create A Flexi Rod Set On Transitioning Natural Hair

Allow to fully dry overnight or under a hooded dryer before untwisting each twist carefully to avoid frizz. Fluff at the roots for desired volume. Make sure not to pick out too much or you could cause frizz and the style will not last as long. 

Here’s another video sharing the technique on freshly washed hair. Want to see an expert create this style on stretched hair? Check out Jessica Pettway famous and super popular flat twist on 4C hair.

Flat twistout on stretched hair

Jessica Pettway has beautiful hair and while many may find 4C hair hard to work with, she’s got lovely 4C hair and if you are in need of styling tips, she’s the vlogger to follow! 

Creme of Nature Butter-licious curls
Creme of Nature 100% pure Argan oil 
Afro Pick
Perm Rods

Jessica starts out on stretched hair that she sections before twisting. Adding her Creme of Nature Butter-licious curls to each section she combs through to ensure product fully distributed and hair is tangle free. She  begins twisting and once she gets past the scalp she starts her coiling the individual strands before twisting around each other strand of hair in the twist. (Watch video for better clarification).  

She ends each twist with a perm rod before going onto the next section. She does not roll it up halfway but keeps just the ends curled in the perm rod. She allows hair to fully dry before taking out perm rods. Once taken out she adds some Creme of Nature 100% pure Argan oil to her hands before smoothing onto her twists and taking them down. Once all twists are carefully down she shakes well before taking an Afro Pick to roots to fluff. This style looks amazing on short hair too!

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Jessica Pettway

So, now that you’ve got the full gamut on flat twistouts, you are ready to take the plunge and embrace this lovely style. Are you game or have you already tried it? Let me know below or better yet, share a pic!




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