Cute Natural Hairstyles To Rock When Transitioning

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 There are two major paths to take going natural: The Big Chop (BC) or Long-Term Transitioning. The BC is merely cutting off all relaxed or permed hair and starting fresh and the Long-Term Transitioning is growing out your natural hair and chopping off the relaxed ends slowly over time. This is the option to take if you don’t want to sacrifice your hair’s length.  Long-term transitioning can be a wonderful journey and can last as long as you choose.

How New Naturals Can Save Money On Protective Styling

Common transitioning styles are buns, braid outs, roller sets, sew-ins, or rocking your hair straight but those styles can become old quickly, and some can create more damage than good. When you find yourself in a long-transitioning rut and eager to hold on longer to those relaxed ends, we’ve got a few ideas and styles that will get you through the long haul and all are super protective for this upcoming fall and winter.

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One of the easiest styles to rock when transitioning are braids and twists and you will have tons of styles to choose from. As you allow your hair to grow out without chemicals, using one of these protective styles will have you on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to maintenance and style searching.

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Protective style can mean a lot of things but for this post we simply mean box braids, Senegalese twists, crochet braids etc. These styles do not have to be damaging as long as they are installed properly and not too tight, kept in as long as suggested and hair underneath is never neglected. These styles can be installed professionally but with time and a little work on your part they can be installed by you. They last longer than regular styles, look amazing, and will give you some versatility.

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I had too much fun with my crochet braids and when you have a friend or yourself to install them, the price gets drastically reduced. Some styles last longer than others but all of them require a break between installations (at least two weeks) and you can never neglect your hair or scalp when they are installed. Deep treatments should always be done during the break periods and hair should still be protected at night.

MahoganyCurls recently installed some Senegalese twists herself and she shares her techniques and some answers to common questions on how to install, how to care for daily and how long the install took.

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 Bantu knots are a favorite among naturals and they are excellent for transitioning naturals as well. What many often just think of roller sets or twist outs for getting a uniform curls, bantu knot outs do the very same thing and give a unique texture and style that lasts just as long and looks oh so amazing!



Whether you choose to rock them ‘as is’ or in a Bantu knot out, this is an excellent style that will nurture both textures and create a uniform curl. Most transitioners will opt for twistouts or braid outs but this style is another way to curl hair and give a uniform curl more than a wave like twists or braids. Bantu knots are popular and perfect for fall and winter as they protect your ends and can last for days.

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A great way to rock them is with added hair or in the knots for a few days before letting them loose for the Bantu knot out. Another way to give longevity to this style is converting hair into an updo when hair loses some of the curls and style.

PrettieMajor shares her Bantu knot out on freshly washed hair. Her knots were not installed for wearing as just ‘knots’ but as the ‘knot out’ so they were not divided in an artistic pattern.


Goddess / Halo / Milkmaid braids are lovely styles naturals have been embracing as a protective style especially ideal for transitioning. If you can flat twist or cornrow you can rock this style, and it’s many variations with ease. Length of hair is no issues as many naturals are simply adding braiding hair to add volume and length. As you can imagine, these braids are often seen as wedding hair and the accessories to add to them are endless.

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Your only limitation is your own creativity but even if you cannot create this style on your own, enlisting the help of a friend or stylist will keep your do looking fresh and fab all season long. It can be worn for days when you nighttime routine consists of covering hair tightly in silk or satin to ensure smoothness and lasting hold. Perfect for every season and to hide two different textures.

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This can be worn on braids, twist and Locs and great for vacations, workweeks and even play. Have fun with them and make sure to cover hair at night to allow them to last at least a week or longer.


Here’s an easy to follow video by miya march where she’s using only two products and Kanekalon Hair to give hair volume and the ability to cover her whole head.  Her look is so polished and I’m sure you will be trying this out soon enough!

Which style are you going to give a try? Share below!



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    I have and love natural my hair. Wish I read this post when I was transitioning. The milkbraid style is so chic!

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