4 Virtues For A Successful Natural Hair Journey

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Is going natural too hard for some women? Maybe, but how will you know unless you try? There are going to be good days and bad ones but there are certain rules to going natural that will guide you into a positive journey if you adhere to them. The problem many face who end up failing is not being open to a new life path when going natural. 

Going Natural: What To Expect For The First Six Months

Going natural is not a fad, a trend or style. It is a different approach to hair care and with that approach there are virtues. Virtues are behaviors showing high moral standards and while those can be subjective, there are certain virtues that can make or break one’s natural hair journey.

While these could also be called ‘lessons’ I prefer the word virtue as these changes in behavior will bring about a positive hair care regimen and healthy hair. The problem lies in whether or not one will give all that in necessary to achieve healthy natural hair.

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Patience will be the very first virtue to make or break your journey. One has to be patient with her hair, her techniques, her learning ability and herself. Learning to go natural will not be completed in one night nor even a few months because our hair will go through changes, pitfalls, and adoring highs too. 

Those grow hair quick schemes are just that…schemes. Falling prey to hair envy is a pitfall waiting to happen. Be patient with your hair and your journey and go with your own timeline and no one else’s. 

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Your hair is changing along with your hair products, regimen, washday cycle and even your wash day! From the texture of your hair to the products that work best on them, trial and error will be your guide for most of what you do to your hair. 

Going Natural: What To Expect The Last Six Months Of Year One

I have changed my process numerous times through the past eleven years and rolling with what my hair needs instead of be stuck on what USED TO WORK is what got me through it all!  I began the Curly Girl Method 4 years ago and I have even tweaked that over the past few years go. I adapt to what my hair needs from climate, age, health and even grays popping up. 

Being willing to change what you use, do or incorporate will always yield positive results. An unwillingness to change will most certainly break your natural hair journey quicker than a rat tail comb will break your hair!


Staying true to what works is key to healthy hair. Our hair needs a proper balance of moisture and protein and caring for it properly is not something you can do every now and again. Just as you need a stellar nighttime routine to keep hair from breaking (post up tomorrow on that topic), you will need to keep your hair’s health a priority and that takes discipline.

No one says you have to stick to a ride or die wash day routine but ensuring you are caring for your hair, limiting direct heat, keeping hair moisturized and not neglecting it while under a protective style are all requirements when going and staying natural. 


Defined as “mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty” and I only add this because many friends, family and lovers may test your strength on staying natural. Sure, there are hundreds of women going natural every day but there is still a stigma surrounding it, employers still consider it ugly or unprofessional and many black men STILL hate women who rock natural hair. 


This means you have to really want this change in your life and not worry about what others may think. I’m the type of woman to give no f#$%! what someone thinks of me and my hair but not everyone feels that way. Just know not everyone may love your hair but as long as you do…we really shouldn’t care what others think.

Going natural is a beautiful journey to healthier hair for your hair, body and mind. I want you to enjoy it so make sure you realize all these virtues are necessary to make it a great change in your life.

What challenges have you faced since thinking about or going natural?


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