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Glycerin For Winter Natural Hair

Winter is truly here as we fight to stay warm and dry.  Our hair needs to be our concern as well and to combat the dryness, we have to start thinking about adding new items to our hair care repertoire…

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Brittle Hair? 3 Reasons You Have Dry Hair & How To Fix It!

All too often going natural can have problems and one of the biggest is dealing with brittle hair.  Our natural coils, curls and kinks are curving and bends and the natural oils from our scalp cannot make it down the strand…

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New Book, 21 Natural Hair Growth Stimulators

Going Natural and What To Expect The First Six Months

Are you fed up with chemical relaxers that make your hair brittle and prone to breakage? Would you like to embrace your hair for it’s natural beauty? If so, you’re probably considering ‘going natural’. Natural hair, in the stylist-world, means…

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The only book you need for haircare

What Is A Clarifying Shampoo & Why Your Natural Hair Needs It

We are here to keep you abreast of all the topics, terms and products your natural hair will need. Clarifying shampoo needs to be on the top 10 list even though shampoo gets a really bad rap from naturals. I’m…

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Check Out The Best Spring Hair Tips For Naturals!

♥ SPRING IS HAIR NATURALS! ♥ Not technically, but in a few weeks we will in full blown spring. It’s still cold outside with snow and ice but it is time to get ourselves ready for spring hair. Every season…

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