Monday, August 14, 2017

How To Make Homemade Shampoo & Homemade Conditioner

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Are you ready for some DIYing?  Great!  Do you know how to start?  No...OK, we can work it out!  I keep seeing so many bloggers discussing it and so many friends on Facebook already doing it. They are whipping, and mixing and measuring and dicing away like seasoned chefs! They are making their own homemade conditioners, homemade shampoos and natural hair concoctions and I know you want to be right up there with them. 

Easiest DIY Conditioners For Natural Hair

Don't worry though. You do not have to be a natural hair expert or a scientist to jump on the DIY bandwagon.  All you need is the desire and a few tips to help along the way and I'm here to help! Before we get started, let's get you ready with a few tips that will make the transition to a DIY mixtress easier. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Simple Solutions To Natural Hair Moisture

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Keeping natural hair moisturized is imperative for healthy and beautiful hair. Our tresses require more protection, natural oils and moisture to keep hair from getting brittle and damaged. Too often, newbies assume slathering hair with any old oil or hair grease will moisturize hair but in reality, only a few natural oils are moisturizing oils.

What Is Hair Porosity?

Unfortunately, the kinkier or coilier your hair is, the drier it can be and moisturizing should be a vital component in your haircare regimen. Not everyone wants to use a product like a hair moisturizer to moisturize their strands. I'm one of them and prefer using natural ingredients that are simple and work well with my hair. Here are five ultra-moisturizing and natural ingredients for moisturizing your strands. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Working Out With Natural Hair

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It's a new year and many are creating steadily working on creating a new you in the process. Either dieting, exercising (or a combo of both), black women are moving in the direction of bettering their bodies and their hair. If going natural, you may have a workout routine in play, but have you factored in your newly natural or newly transitioning hair?  Does it make a difference that you are now natural and want to work out? Yes, it sure does. 

What Is A Clarifying Shampoo & Why Your Natural Hair Needs It

Relaxed hair is much easier to maintain in comparison to natural hair because there is no worry of hair reverting when sweat is added to the mix. Does this mean there is a cause for alarm? No, not at all as thousands of newly naturals or hard-core veteran naturals have learned how to successfully workout while maintaining beautiful natural hair. Here are some pointers on how to keep your hair in check while you work on getting body beautiful!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Portable Hooded Hair Dryer For Natural Hair - We've Got Six!

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Many think when they go natural, gone are the days of hooded hair dryers whether portable or hard. At least that's what I used to think but the longer I enjoy being natural, the more I learn about how versatile our natural strands. I will always advocate air drying but the 2nd best way to dry natural hair is using a portable hair dryer that gives indirect non-damaging heat to delicate strands. 

As a resource for new and not-so-new naturals, we like to keep you in the know on the best hair products and hair accessories so you make informed decisions and purchases. Check out our list of six of the best from least expensive to the somewhat pricey hooded hair dryers that naturals will find as a valuable hair styling tool.