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Is Going Natural Hard?

Is Going Natural Hard?

You hear about going natural a lot in our conversations among black and brown women whether online, in salons or in small groups. Everyone seems to be going natural and while many find a way to excel with a breeze, others find themselves struggling and uninspired by the task. 

The Purpose Of The Pre-Poo For Natural Hair

I've been natural over eleven years and while I wouldn't change it for the world, it was not easy for me as I fought to find the right products (for my hair), the right regimen and assistance on how to do everything. Thank goodness there is a wealth of information online now as opposed to back then, but even that is not enough for some who find it confusing and/or conflicting. 

So, does this mean going natural is HARD? Is there a really a hurdle that keep several black and brown women from no longer using chemicals to alter their tresses for maintenance? Are curlier or looser textures really the only reason some women can go natural and others cannot? 

No. Without a doubt, going natural is as hard as you make it and while many factors can allow for easier maintenance, caring for your natural texture can be made harder if certain things are not implemented. Here's a list of a few reasons some find going natural so hard. 

Is Going Natural Hard?

Not accepting one's own texture
I hate this is even a 'thing', but there are some women who will not go natural if their hair is not curly enough. Many feel hair texture like 4B or 4C is hard to care for. That's not true as all hair needs maintenance and work. Many find after they adapt a workable routine and style they see progress. Washday is hardest for most so that may be your biggest challenge but just like anything worth it, it takes patience a plan. Accepting your own texture is accepting yourself. No way around it and all hair textures are gorgeous!

4 Simple Tools For Natural Hair Tangles

Neglecting your hair
You cannot neglect natural hair and expect it to be flourish. It will tangle, matt up, become dry, brittle and/or break off. You can cover it up with braids, wigs and weaves or have it up in protective styles but if you are not washing and moisturizing it then it can turn against you and seem hard to maintain. Deep conditioning, washing regularly and sealing in the moisture are all heavy-hitters in keeping hair healthy and thriving. 

Not working with your hair
Some women barely even see their own hair because they cover it up about 90% of the time with braids, wigs and weaves and then wonder why their edges may be breaking off or their hair is habitually dryNatural hair needs nurturing so even if you do protective style make sure to give your hair breaks in-between, wash and moisturize regularly and understand the best way to learn about what your hair needs is to actually deal with it.  

Not ready to change yourself
While relaxed we had our routines but for some reason many women act like learning a new routine to care for natural hair is a hassle. Seriously? Like we were born with relaxed hair and a manual. We had to learn about relaxed hair too and most of us learned from our mothers. Is it really such a problem to learn about our natural texture?

If you are not ready to change your hair routine, products and mindset then going natural will be hard. Going natural is a lifestyle change that requires patience and a willingness to learn. If you just want to change your hairstyle then rock a natural wig, weave or crochet braids because this will change how you care for your hair in every way.

Is Going Natural Hard?

Photo coutresty of Tiajonay

Not detangling properly
Whew...I JUST got off the phone with someone about this. She's been natural around a year and was having a really hard time with detangling. I explained she needs to be detangling in sections and she was surprised. I told her it would change her life and it most certainly will. She's been washing her hair the same way and created even more tangles.

Section hair into four or even six sections and work on detangling, washing or even moisturizing in that fashion. You will notice a big difference and leave you much less frustrated and use wide tooth combs, your fingers or even detangling favorites like SheaMoistur Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler to aid in detangling. 

How To Go Natural: The First Most Important Steps

So no, going natural will not be hard if you are ready for a change and the work that it entails. I tire of folks calling it hard because they don't want to really go natural but want a new look. Going natural means no longer relying on chemicals to maintain your hair and instead, nurturing your natural texture. 

Is Going Natural Hard?

How you view it, listen to folks who have gone natural and SUCCEEDED and ready for your natural texture then you will be a happier woman with natural hair!

Did you find going natural hard? Share below!

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  1. I found it hard at first but once I made that commitment, stopped chasing "perfect" looking hairstyles and killed my inner product junkie, a whole new world opened up to me as far as what my hair could do. I wouldn't trade it for the world now. This was a great (and too accurate) read!

    1. Nyawela,
      Thank you for sharing and yes, I so understand about accepting and putting in the work. I'm so happy for you!!!