Friday, January 13, 2017

How To Create Your Own DIY Natural Hair Products

DIY Natural Hair

Are you ready for some DIYing?  Great!  Do you know how to start?  No...OK, we can work it out!  I keep seeing so many bloggers discussing it and so many friends on Facebook already doing it. They are whipping, mixing, measuring and dicing away like seasoned chefs! They are making their own conditioners, shampoos and natural hair concoctions and you do not have to be a natural hair expert or a scientist to jump on the DIY bandwagon.  All you need is the desire.

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Whether you are making a simple spray bottle concoction or your first deep conditioner there are a few rules to follow that will allow your mixture to turn out great and your creation to last.  
What to use - That depends on what your hair needs and what you are trying to do.  That requires research and listening to your hair. You can find recipes all over the web (Pinterest is a great start) but decide what you need (like a deep conditioner or a hair rinse) so you can find the right recipe to get it.  Books, vlogs, blogs and even just experimenting is a great way to find that perfect mix. 

Know your ingredients shelf life - Know the shelf life of your ingredients and know that items without preservatives have a shorter shelf life of around 1 to 2 weeks. Remember many of your mixes (if you have any left over) will need to be refrigerated to keep them from spoiling and used within a reasonable amount of time.

Many mixtresses use natural preservatives like Rosemary Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract or even Neem oil to prolong the life of their mixes.  

Take notes - You want to make absolutely sure you do not make the same mistakes twice by not remembering what you used the first time around.  You also want to remember what you used if it turned out amazingly well.  Write down exactly what you used and how much until you have perfected your creation.  Take clear and accurate notes so you can recreate or change up accordingly.  

DIY Natural Hair

Also, you can find mixes from others and tweak them by adding more or less or replacing some items. Basically, make the mix your own and something perfect for your hair and/or needs. . 

Keep a lid on it - It is vital for your mixes to be stored in the right containers, jars and bottles so they last.  Keep the lids on tight to stave off oxidation and to keep your product from degrading.  Dark containers (usually dark glass bottles or jars are best to store your mixes because the less light exposure the better. 

Label it - label your creations and the ingredients and even add dates to ensure you are using it while it is fresh or still has potency.  Do not just rely on your memory and know this is the best way to stay organized. 

Now you are ready to mix so have fun and know what works for someone else may not work for you and finding your perfect recipe will take trial and error. Have fun!

What's your favorite DIY recipe? 

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