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Hair Growth, Vitamins Most Popular With Naturals - NHB

Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!
Nothing beat a well-balanced meal to get the essential vitamins we need for healthy bodies and hair. Because of this, many say skip the hair vitamins and concentrate on better eating but too many of us do not eat as well as we should and don't get all the vitamins we need for optimal hair growth. Couple that with the fact that most women will suffer with some form of hair thinning in their lives and you can see why hair vitamins are extremely popular in the beauty community and among Naturals seeking gorgeous hair.

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From some forms of Alopecia to hormones to trauma to the hair follicle, there are plenty ways to see hair loss or a lack of length retention for many woman seeking long hair. Hair vitamins are just one way to get the daily dose of those vital nutrients that aid in stronger hair and stronger hair has a longer retention on our heads! Check out the of the top 6 popular hair vitamins women swear by and take daily.

Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!

I had the honor to try these a few months ago and this ultra-different and exiting new vitamin is from a stellar haircare line. A liquid vitamin that can be taken alone, poured into a juice or a smoothie (I loved it that way). This liquid hair growth vitamin releases an elixir formulated with a proprietary blend of bioactive coenzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, organic blueberry extract, and essential B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, Biotin, Folic Acid and vitamin B12.  It promotes healthy hair growth, enhances the strength of each hair shaft, and increases the integrity of the hair.  

Donedo, a popular vlogger is on a six-month hair growth challenge and using Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin the entire duration. Check out her beginning of the challenge and what's she expecting from the vitamins. 

***I loved that I could put them in my smoothie and liked it was different from the regular pill that most vitamins come in. This is a great option for anyone who hates or has problems taking pills. 

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!

Everyone has heard about these and most have tried them, including me. Pretty reasonable, and the more you buy, the more you save so buying in bulk makes sense. Hairfinity provides a daily vitamin supplement that provides the body with nutrition support healthy hair from the inside out. Supports healthy hair, nourishes the hair follicle and provides 15 hair-specific nutrients.

***It was the second hair vitamin I ever tried and it was much cheaper and worked well. I had already learned to drink lots of water to combat the acne that some women face so I had no issues other than having to shave a tad bit more! yikes! 

Mielle Organics Advanced Healthy Hair Vitamins
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!

Fairly new product for this brand, but gaining much ground, this hair vitamin is formulated to support healthy hair, skin and nails and immune system support. They have a unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids and minerals, this formula works effectively in a natural way to support healthier, stronger, longer, thicker hair. 

***Never tried it nor knew of anyone who had but it seems to be selling quite well with no complaints.

Phyto Phytophanère Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!

This was my very first hair vitamin and my good friend Nicole hipped me to it. Great for all hair types, this is a daily dose, high-potency biotin supplement to support fuller, healthier-looking hair and stronger nails, while creating a glowing complexion. In a study conducted by an independent laboratory on 20 women having experienced thinning, weakened, or damaged hair95% saw effective and visible improvement in the quality of hair. This is only recommended for use a few times a year (twice).

***I really enjoyed this vitamin and even though they are pricey, they are not intended for daily use. At most, twice a year (fall and spring, when they say most of us shed) so you really don't spend that much. I had to do some serious shaving with this one too! 

The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Healthy Hair Vitamins
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!

Another brand we are seeing more of is the The Mane Choice and their super popular hair vitamin. A little different from the rest, this vitamin is a daily complete dietary supplement formulated to grow hair on the scalp longer, thicker, faster and healthier. A multi-cultural healthy hair growth and retention vitamin that works to nourish hair follicles, prevent hair loss, remove scalp toxins and speed up hair growth. 

***Haven't tried it but see many who love it and swear by it. 

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements for Women 
Hair Growth and hair vitamins go hand in hand and we've got the top six!
The last brand on the list and another I haven't tried. Despite that, it gets excellent reviews and sells well! The brand encourages you to enrich your hair with Viviscal extra-strength dietary supplements. These supplements contain the marine complex AminoMar that helps nourish thinning hair and encourages hair growth from within during the anagen phase of the hair-growth cycle. They also contain zinc, Vitamin C and horsetail extract. 

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***I've seen this on the market forever and always wondered about them. They sell well so I'm assuming they are getting the job done. 

These brands are all popular but all have a slight difference that may make one brand more attractive to you than another. If you are not sure about any of them make sure to contact your PCP to ensure you are taking only the best for you!

Have a favorite on the list on another brand? Share below!



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