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Best Portable Hooded Hair Dryer For Natural Hair - We've Got Six!

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Many think when they go natural, gone are the days of hooded hair dryers whether portable or hard. At least that's what I used to think but the longer I enjoy being natural, the more I learn about how versatile our natural strands. I will always advocate air drying but the 2nd best way to dry natural hair is using a portable hair dryer that gives indirect non-damaging heat to delicate strands. 

As a resource for new and not-so-new naturals, we like to keep you in the know on the best hair products and hair accessories so you make informed decisions and purchases. Check out our list of six of the best from least expensive to the somewhat pricey hooded hair dryers that naturals will find as a valuable hair styling tool. 

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As the least expensive on the list, this bonnet hair dryer is ideal for conditioning treatments and quick roller sets.  The Gold n Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment features a flexible hose that attaches to most blow dryers. It is designed for even heat distribution and is great for conditioning treatments. Great for all hair types. The attachment folds neatly for easy travel and can be washed by hand.

One of the best features of this soft bonnet attachment is the price. Well under $20, this is a great tool for the budget-conscious but the downside is you will need a blow dryer to even use it.  

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Still a reasonable priced soft bonnet hair dryer, the Conair SB1XR Soft Bonnet Dryer is great for those styles that require jumbo rollers as it has an extra large bonnet. This reminds me of soft bonnets from yesteryear that never seemed to dry my hair but this updated version has 4 heat/speed settings including a cool setting along with a hot air vent brush to speed the drying time up a tad. 

Make Your Blowout Last Longer On Natural Hair

Earning 4.5 stars on Amazon from over 650 reviewers, this is a great choice for a hooded hair dryer just under $30 makes it a good catch. Easy for travel and easy to store away, this soft bonnet dryer is popular for several great reasons. 

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The Andis Ionic Bonnet Hair Dryer is becoming more popular with naturals and is being hailed as the perfect hair dryer for textured hair. It uses Ionic technology that dries hair faster with less frizz and damage than non-ionic dryers. The Andis Bonnet Hair Dryer is perfect for setting styles and creating manageable hair at a lower heat setting. 

A great soft bonnet hair dryer for under $32, the Andios has a 5 year warranty, two heat settings and easy for travel. All this adds up to an ideal soft bonnet worth giving a try for indirect heat for natural hair. 

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A natural hair favorite for price and effectiveness, the CONAIR Infiniti Pro Gold Series Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer gives you 400 watts of power to quickly and evenly dry natural hair. Two attachments options along with an extra-long 4 ft. flexible hose with lock-and-release system. The bonnet is large enough for jumbo rollers and secures around hair with a drawstring. Plus, this hair dryer stands up for easy, space-saving storage.

For under $40 along with a Keratin Brazilian Tech Deep Penetrating Conditioning Treatment packet, this soft bonnet hair dryer is a great choice for the natural wanting to spend a tad more for a great hair dryer. 
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A fairly new brand but quickly turning into a favorite, the Laila Ali Hard Bonnet Salon Hair Dryer is one of the two we have on the list and worth mentioning. This stylish hard bonnet dryer makes it possible to get salon results at home. Featuring a balanced airflow design, it dries your hair quickly and evenly. This sleek dryer uses ion technology to help prevent breakage and moisture loss with two heat settings and two speeds.

For just under $50, this is the dryer of yesteryear with a serious upgrade in technology and style. 

Click here to buy the ION™ 1875W ION™ IC Salon Style Hard Bonnet Dryer for your perfect drying of your natural hair

I have loved this line back when I was relaxed, and still find it a line worth using. The ION™ 1875W ION™ IC Salon Style Hard Bonnet Dryer is  is ideal for roller sets and conditioning treatments and features a cool to the touch hood, and three temperature settings high, low and cool settings for natural and synthetic hair.  The ion™ Conditioning Hard Hat Dryer is designed to accommodate large rollers and folds for easy storage with a built-in carrying handle and twin-locks for secure closure.

This hard hooded hair dryer will set you back just under $60 but they use the power and usefulness of the continuous ionic output which results in more shine, less static and less drying time.  

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Every hooded dryer on this list is well under $100, uses modern drying technology for beautiful hair without damage and a great asset to your natural hair tools arsenal. 

Which one are you looking to buy or which one do you already have at home? Share below!

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