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Simple Solutions To Natural Hair Moisture

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Keeping natural hair moisturized is imperative for healthy and beautiful hair. Our tresses require more protection, natural oils and moisture to keep hair from getting brittle and damaged. Too often, newbies assume slathering hair with any old oil or hair grease will moisturize hair but in reality, only a few natural oils are moisturizing oils.

What Is Hair Porosity?

Unfortunately, the kinkier or coilier your hair is, the drier it can be and moisturizing should be a vital component in your haircare regimen. Not everyone wants to use a product like a hair moisturizer to moisturize their strands. I’m one of them and prefer using natural ingredients that are simple and work well with my hair. Here are five ultra-moisturizing and natural ingredients for moisturizing your strands.


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Water! Good old-fashioned water is the best and simplest moisturizer on the planet. Natural hair needs water to maintain its elasticity or the ability to stretch. It nourishes our strands and many if not the majority of products for our strands have water as the very first ingredient.

It is also a great refresher in a spray bottle by itself or even with a leave-in conditioner or a natural oil like lavender. Water also needs to be hydrating your hair from the insides so drink plenty of it throughout the day. I try and carry my water bottle with me from room to room and when on the road as nothing is a better hydrator for you body AND your hair!

Sabrina’a Spray Bottle Winter Concoction

Distilled water (enough to fill spray bottle up to 3/4 if bottle

Glycerin (few drops)

lavender (few drops)

Leave-in conditioner



I’m not one for true measurements so forgive me for this but I usually just add water until 3/4 full, drop in some glycerin and lavender before filling the rest of the way with a leave-in conditioner. Shake it up and that’s my refresher for the winter either at night or in the morning if my hair needs it.

Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is a perennial succulent plant that acts like a humectant (retaining or preserving moisture). Many naturals use Aloe Vera Gel to pre-poo, shampoo and even condition their strands. The more than 20 amino acids that are found in Aloe Vera Gel and they promote moisture and condition the strands.

Aloe Deep Conditioning (Moisturizing)

1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel
1/4 cup coconut oil, warmed in the microwave for mixing

Blend both ingredients together using method of your choice. I get a creamier mixture if I use my hand-held blender than my personal chopper. Apply to hair according to our instructions for deep conditioning. BGLH

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is a beloved carrier oil that is excellent at moisturizing our strands as it actually penetrates the hair shaft and expertly improves the health and vitality of textured hair.  Coconut oil helps to add shine to hair, fights frizz and even helps with detangling. This is an powerhouse natural oil that most naturals love and it even penetrate the hair shaft and moisturizes from within. It is one of the few natural oils that can moisturize and seal hair.

Moisturizing Coconut Hair Mask

2-4 tbsp. coconut oil
5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of essential oils
Plastic or thermal heat cap


Mix coconut oil and essential oil (or blend) together in small bowl.  Massage into your hair and it it not necessary to apply to scalp but it won’t hurt! Cover with plastic cap or thermal cap for 30-60 minutes. Wash out and style as usual.


Babassu Oil 

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Babassu oil is much like coconut oil as it is a palm oil and contains the same vitamins and fatty acids. One of the biggest differences between the two is that Babassu oil is much lighter than coconut oil, won’t clog your pores and soaks into the hair and skin faster.  Babassu oil can penetrate the hair shaft and mixes well with other carrier oils. It’s also an excellent deep conditioning oil that many products are now adding to their formulas.

Babassu Deep Conditioning Treatment

Favorite deep conditioner
Few drops of Babassu oil

Simply warm oil to liquefy before adding to your deep conditioner as usual. Make sure to use a thermal cap or get under a hooded dryer to get maximum benefit of the oil with your deep conditioner. Can also be added to your shampoo to boost it’s moisturizing capabilities.



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Glycerin is a humectant designed to bring moisture in and retain it.  It can be natural or synthetic and if natural it will usually be mentioned on product labels coming from vegetable oils or animal fat. It is water-soluble and can easily be added to water or hair care products to add moisture in your strands.

The Power Of Tea For Natural Hair

Glycerin needs to be mixed with water, 1 part glycerin to 3 or 4 parts water but since it can feel sticky adding other ingredients like oil and/or a conditioner is necessary.  A little goes a long way so a few drops to a spray bottle with other ingredients like oil and conditioner along with the water is perfect.  Glycerin is great for natural hair because it can prevent breakage while combing but not on relaxed hair. (Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists pg 39-52 1985)

Shake’s Whipped Shea Butter
8oz pure yellow unrefined Shea butter
can of coconut milk
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Vegetable Glycerin

Use a hand mixer and put all of the Shea butter in a large plastic bowl. Add a few large spoonfuls of coconut milk and whip until smooth. Add more and more, bit by bit, mixing after each addition until it’s light and fluffy. Add a spoonful or so of each oil and mix again. Add a healthy squeeze of Glycerin, and voila! CurlyNikki

If that seems like too much refer to my refresher recipe under “water” where I add glycerin.

Which one are you ready to give a try Newbies?


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