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How To Rock 2nd Day Hair Without A Protective Style

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Making your natural hairstyle last for an entire day may seem daunting, but making it look just as lovely on the 2nd day?  That may seem downright impossible! Some of you are probably making faces as I write this but 2nd day hair (or even 3rd day hair) can be a reality.  Is that possible when you are just learning about your natural hair? Yes, it can.

Deep Conditioner, Best For Damaged Hair

It’s no secret I am a wash and go queen. I used to re wet my hair and run conditioner through it almost daily but as I began learning more about what my hair needed, I realized it could last longer than a day with the right products, techniques and tools. Protective styles are great if you want them but if you don’t, check out these four tips that will help you style last from washday to your next style.

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When I began looking as my washday routine as a foundation for getting 2nd and 3rd day hair, I saw a big difference in how I began the entire process. Taking time and doing a good job on washday yielded better styles that lasted longer and that should be your focus too. You are doing more than washing your hair to get it clean. You are priming it for lasting styles by properly moisturizing, sealing, styling and conditioning your hair.

Natural Hair Products You NEED To Go Natural

Don’t skimp on detangling or deep conditioning and apply styler well so you diminish frizz. If you are rocking a wash and go, make sure to rake through all your products to every inch of your hair or if doing a twist out, don’t get lazy with the last few twists or not apply a twisting cream. The bottom line is to make your washday as perfect as possible and your style will last longer and look better.

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Protecting your hair at night is crucial to 2nd and 3rd day hair and implementing satin of some kind will help. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can cause frizz and will dry out your curls, kinks and coils. I sleep on a satin pillowcase and place a Loc Soc on my head every night to help preserve my style for the next day, and there are many days I just fluff and go.  The curls might end up flattened but not broken. They are easily fluffed back out after sleeping with the Loc Soc and the pillowcase.

I can’t really say which will work better for you as implementing a satin scarf, bonnet or the pillowcase will all help to keep hair protected from dryness and friction. Trying all three will allow you to decide, but whatever you do, get the satin pillowcase as often the scarf or bonnet may fall off in the middle of the night and with the pillowcase, your hair will still be protected.

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That cannot be said enough. Re-wetting your hair isn’t always necessary if you’ve got your spray bottle full of whatever concoction you use to moisturize your hair throughout the day.  Water, oil, and leave-in conditioner would be awesome in your spray bottle especially for those mornings when fluffing just won’t do.  Never thought about it, huh?  It can work wonders and necessary. Don’t forget you’ve still got to seal those ends as well.

I still have my spray bottle but now use Oyin Handmade Oyin Hair Dew Daily Hair Quenching Lotion to help revive my hair when a fluff just won’t do. I’ve had such bad luck finding over the counter refreshers that didn’t leave my hair sticky or frizzy but when I case across this one, I was impressed with how well it worked for my tight coils.  Finding the right refresher also aids in achieving 2nd, 3rd or even 4th day hair so like anything else, you may need to try trial and error to find a product that works for you.

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That is also key.  You don’t want to manipulate the hair too much and disturb the curl, coil or kink so be careful.  Too much manipulation could easily turn into a bad morning as you find out you spent too much time fooling with it and have to jump in the shower anyway!  Minimal is key.

What’s In Your Natural Hair Spray Bottle?

There are slight variations to these four steps and every Natural has to play with it to see what works for them.  Try the second day hair on a day you don’t plan on going anywhere.

I truly believe Protective styles are any styles that allow you to protect your hair and that can be achieved in many ways. You can have your hair out with sealed ends and be just as healthy as traditional protective styles.  Wash and go girlies like myself can spend as little time as necessary in the morning if they prepare properly.  A prepared Natural is a happy Natural.



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