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Learning To Love Your Hair & Master Natural Hair Care

Learning To Love Your Hair & Mastering Natural Hair Care. To grow long hair, you have to know healthy hair techniques and how to love your mane. We've simple tips that get you there.
Natural hair is beautiful but far too many newly naturals are expecting something that just isn’t there. Add the fact that many are pretty oblivious to natural hair care and you can see why many find natural hair hard to have.  Whether you have 2B, 3C or 4B texture, our hair is gorgeous and deserving of serious love. Despite this need to love what grows naturally out of your head, many newbies are under some impression only one type of texture is ideal and may be on a dangerous quest for something their hair is not capable of. 

Is Going Natural Hard?

I understand.  You are a newly Natural or thinking about going Natural.  You want or expect your hair to look a certain way.  You want an instant halo of cascading curls that will make you feel better about yourself for taking such a drastic step with your hair.  Having curls will shut your family, friends, and/or significant other up about going Natural.  I’m here to share how natural hair care and healthy hair should be your goal and not a particular hair texture and why you shouldn’t care what others think!

Some of us have curls.  We get admirers saying all the time that they would go Natural if their hair would do that, but why is only one texture considered beautiful by some?  Why does it have to curl for you to embrace it? Well, it doesn’t and when you learn more about each texture (check out the chart below) you will see each texture has unique characterizes and has their own special needs.

Learning To Love Your Hair & Mastering Natural Hair Care. To grow long hair, you have to know healthy hair techniques and how to love your mane. We've simple tips that get you there.

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When you care for natural hair care properly it rewards you with growth and good health. It can be hard as we live in a society where our browness and kinky strands are not always embraced. Society is changing but you and I must stay alert to what’s important and that’s self-love. While you take on this amazing journey to natural strands, stay informed and positive. 


Here are a few pointers to remember:

No, there are no products that will make your hair curl but there are products that will work great with and for your hair texture.

No, the curly girl method will not make your hair curl but it may give you amazing hydration that will fully moisturize and give your hair more life. 

Yes, you can do twist out and braid outs to get a wave or a curly pattern but your own pattern is perfect.

Sometimes the right cut (shape) is all you need to allow your curls, kinks and coils to lay in better uniform. 
Yes, you will be beautiful with your own natural texture.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it needs to be said that not everyone has curly or coily hair.  If that’s the ONLY reason you went Natural you will be sorely disappointed.  There is too much emphasis on a looser curl pattern and this negative way of thinking about certain hair textures is unhealthy and needs to cease. Loving what is growing out of your head is the object here as well as getting away from chemicals.  

How To Do A Twist-Out On Natural Hair

Caring for your hair will yield beautiful hair whatever your natural texture happens to be and our amazing natural hair is versatile and can achieve several styles.  Stay positive, nurture your natural hair and love what naturally grows out of your beautiful head.

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