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Here’s a Guide to Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for You

Looking for the best hair dryer for your natural hair? We show you how to shop for the right one for your hair to limit damage.

You may not be an actress, a model or an influencer, but bad hair days are simply a no-no for you.  That’s why it is time to discuss finding the best hair dryer for your hair.  After all, the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. It does magic when it’s healthy, shiny and well-kept. You can instantly look more attractive or even stunning. Whereas, when it’s the other way around, you can look like a disaster though your face is actually beautiful. What a big difference it can do on your overall look!


This is why, we totally understand that many girls are afraid of bad hair days. Perhaps, they’re more worried about their hair than their boyfriends. Guys consider beautiful, long, lush hair as attractive anyway. Kidding aside, while it is sometimes inevitable to have a difficult time taming that hair, choosing the right products and tools can help you reduce the frequency of those situations.

For example, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner that bring out its best look is important for daily care. Giving it a hot oil on your full-pampering-self-care-day resolves common issues such as dry, coarse hair and itchy scalp. What a soothing effect hot oil does! And oh, it can help get rid of those nasty dandruff you’ve been fretting about. And would you believe—what you take in your body is as important as what you apply on the surface of your head? Actually, it is pretty much more important and it can actually be a factor in your hair health. So, girls, pay attention to what you eat. Watch your diet. Make sure it’s hair-health-friendly. Read here to get a better idea about that.

Now, on to the next level hair care regimen. Many of us are just too lazy to spend extra minutes, even hours in the bathroom to blow-dry that hair after showering. We’d rather let the air that comes and blows naturally do the job for us. Why lay a finger when nature does the work?


It is true that air drying is way healthier than blow-drying. But many situations in life would call for the latter. Also, we don’t recommend skipping the shower altogether when that happens. Don’t be afraid to blow-dry your hair, especially when the situation calls for some subtle styling or well put-together look, such as a job interview, boardroom presentation, client pitch or anything corporate for that matter. You’ll need it when you prep for weddings and other formal events too. And, ahem, your dinner date with your significant other.

You see, a single hair care tool can be your go-to bff for your major life events and even whenever you just want to be extra on a random day with no particular agenda in mind. Thus, let’s talk about how you can choose the best hair dryer for your natural hair.

Go for a High-Wattage Motor

The higher the wattage, the stronger wind power you get. That means, you’ll be able to dry and style your hair faster without exposing it to excessive heat, which is actually what scares most of us about constantly blow-drying our hair. A high-wattage motor prevents that from happening. Ideal numbers go somewhere between 1800 and 2000. Get something around that range with 1800 as the minimum and you’ll have a safer blow-drying session every time. It is always better to read information on whether to air-dry or blow-dry your hair.

Opt for Ionic and Tourmaline Dryers if Your Hair is Frizzy and Takes a Decade to Dry

Ionic and tourmaline dryers do an excellent job in preventing frizz and speeding up the dry time. Thus, this kind of dryer is great for sleek and smart hairstyles for an instant corporate look. It’s definitely a perfect tool you can use when prepping up for work every morning.

Get the Non-Ionic Version for Non-Sleek, More Casual Hairstyles

If your hair is flat and oily, ionic dryers aren’t your bff. Get the non-ionic version instead to keep that volume for a non-sleek, more casual hairstyle. You’d prefer that over the girl-boss look for those date nights. Of course, it looks more relaxed and attractive and it simply suits the vibe of the situation.

Look for the Words ‘Ceramic, Porcelain and Infrared’ on the Label

There’s a good reason why you should actively seek out those words in the product description. These are important design features that make a dryer distribute heat more evenly and gently. We cannot stress it enough how sensitive we are to the word “heat” as of the moment that we’re talking about blow-drying. It’s just one of the scariest things that can damage the hair. So, it is crucial to look for these features every time you’re shopping around. This might also help you find the perfect dryer for your hair:

Depending on Your Needs and Preference, Search for More Features

Apparently, the features mentioned above are the basic things you should look for. But it’s also good to have additional features especially if you can still find a product within your budget. For example, an option for cool air would be ideal for locking in the hairstyle and creating the extra perfect luster from roots to ends.  Also, take note what accessories you should get for your hair type: Use a concentrator nozzle for perfecting that straight, sleek look. Meanwhile, get a diffuser if you have a curly hair.

Got any other tips to share about hair care? It would be a lovely idea to chat about it and let us know how you found the best hair dryer for your hair. 

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  1. February 25, 2021 / 8:54 am

    Thanks for this awesome guide. But, I’m facing hair loss so can I use hair dryer?

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