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Detangler Problem? The Best Hair Tips & Accessories For This Natural Hair Problem

Detangler Problem? Best Hair Tips & Accessories For This Problem that far too many newbies experience. Need products, solutions and tips? We've got 'em!

Now, every natural girl, curly girl, kinky girl and coily girl HATES tangles.  They are annoying, time-consuming (to remove carefully) and counterproductive to our hair growth goals.  They can make washday a hellish nightmare, and a transitioners biggest problem. What you have is a detangler problem and a real solution that works. 

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What works? I mean can you have an orgasmic washday experience with a real detangler solution that does not require you fighting tangles for hours? There are a few tips I’ve learned over the years from my own experience and the experiences of other naturals. Check out these 7 tools for taming those tangles.

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Water is so essential for our hair.  Water is hands down the best moisturizer and our hair craves it!  Now, it should seem as no surprise that water is a valued tool detangler tool.  While I am in the shower, on either wash do or just reviving my curls, I first allow the water to run through and down my hair.  I set it saturate the hair and bring it back to life.

Popular Detangling Brushes for Naturals

I then, even before applying any product, gently run my fingers through the hair while the water is running.  This is allowing the water to move through all the hairs and allowing it to help remove any tangles that are even THINKING about forming.  Now, I’m not yanking and if I feel resistance, I stop and move on to the next section.  This is just supposed to be waking up my hair.  The water is moisturizing my hair and making it easier to manage without breakage.

Detangler Problem? Best Hair Tips & Accessories For This Problem that far too many newbies experience. Need products, solutions and tips? We've got 'em!

Leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, cheap conditioner, ultra expensive conditioner….whatever, it truly does not matter as long as it works. Conditioner is made to condition the hair and once you place it in your hair it should be making the hair easier to manage and work through. You cannot go wrong with a detangler conditioner as well so think about that the next time you are shopping for one that will do the job.

After the water has worked its way through your hair it’s now time to help breakdown some more stubborn tangles and you need to slather it on.  I mean slather it!  I would rather use too much conditioner than fight with my hair so I don’t mind using a lot and it’s part of the  Curly Girl Method.  Smooth the conditioner through the hair and if you have one with a great slip then you have found gold!

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Finger detangling is amazing.  My finger work better than any comb created by man.  Even though I used to detangle with a wide-tooth comb, I’ve only used a comb to create a part in my hair in almost a year!  Finger detangling allows you to feel the tangle prior to yanking it and it is far more gentle than a comb. It’s cheaper too and you don’t have to try and find it!  I have also found less shed hair by using my fingers.

While not for everyone, I would suggest adding it to your routine just to see how well it may work for you. There are tons of products and tools out there to help with tangles but one of the cheapest ways to try will always be your very own fingers.

Detangler Problem? Best Hair Tips & Accessories For This Problem that far too many newbies experience. Need products, solutions and tips? We've got 'em!

Applying oils to our natural tresses is nothing new to most naturals but have you tried it when working with tangles?  Try applying an oil like avocado or emu for working well at detangling hair or simply mix with your conditioner to give it more detangling power. of your choosing to the conditioner before applying to sectioned hair.  This allows the conditioner to maximize it’s softness and glide.  I like add use few sprays of Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir to my conditioner on washday to get maximum slip to fight tangles.

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Many naturals are embracing clay washing to naturally and gently cleanse their hair, but clay can do much more than that. Clay like Bentonite clay is a natural detangler which reduces breakage by making hair easier to comb and style. Many who use it find it  works great for detangling even before using their conditioner if they use it as a cleanser.

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One of the best clays for detoxification, Bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash and can draw-out toxins from the body. With an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium.  Don’t sleep on this natural detangler and check out the video that sparked me to try this recipe myself below:

This video was a great asset to me using this treatment and I’m sure you will enjoy seeing exactly how she did it. I pretty much followed her method to the letter except I did add a tad more clay to get a thicker consistency.

Detangler Problem? Best Hair Tips & Accessories For This Problem that far too many newbies experience. Need products, solutions and tips? We've got 'em!

Despite not  being out forever and ever, this tiny tool has made waves in the natural hair world. Many naturals love the Tangle Teezer and swear by it for removing tangles and shed hairs without yanking out others. I haven’t personally tried it but know it is still a fave and probably worth giving a try to see how well it may work for you.

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Last,  but most certainly not least, detangling brushes are a quick go-to for minimizing your detangling sessions and making them more productive. The market has exploded with various kinds ranging from size to brush bristles to price. It can be quite overwhelming to say the least on finding one that works best for you.

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You can spend anywhere from $10 to $100 on a detangling brush with each one touting they will do the trick. Honestly, trial and error will your best guide but here are three that many seem to love:

DRYBAR ‘Lemon Drop’ Daily Detangling Brush– Great for hair extensions
CRICKET Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush – Great for wet or dry detangling
MICHEL MERCIER Professional Detangling Brush – favorite all around type of detangling brush.

All the tools shared above have pretty much eliminated tangles from many naturals on their wash day and co-wash routines.  Sounds like a lot of work? Well, think about all the time you spend tugging and tearing at your hair and then let me know what sounds like a lot.  My wash day may be long but it is drama free and when you think about it…who that heck wants hair drama in the shower?

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