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Natural Treatments to Stimulate Hair Regrowth

Learn Hair Regrowth Treatments That Are Easy To Use and will yield positive results. From oils to onions we have the top tips.

Loss or thinning of hair is something that everyone struggles with at some point, making most of us wonder if any techniques will stimulate regrowth. The claim is that the average person will lose nearly 100 strands each day. Generally, you won’t notice this loss as it happens over the course of the whole day, and these hairs are replaced with new.  Let’s talk about hair regrowth and what you can do about it. 

Care & Retention For Natural Hair Growth

Human hair has a process allowing follicles to grow, rest, and then fall out. After this old hair ‘dies off,’ a new one is born, and the whole thing starts again. The progression is natural but is often frustrating for those, especially women, who seem to lose their hair much faster than the new hair comes back in naturally. It leaves them looking for options for hair regrowth treatment for women.

Natural Methods For Stimulating Hair To Grow

There are a variety of ideas and techniques to try to promote the growth of hair in a faster manner than what is happening within your system. A majority of people who experience hair loss or thinning want to stimulate regrowth naturally. Knowing how to do this is challenging because each person is unique, meaning some remedies might work for one person but be ineffective for someone else.

Some ideas for natural treatment concentrate on stimulating the follicles with other solutions involving applying solutions that provide vitamins and nutrients to the scalp. Ideally, you may want to attempt more than one of the techniques in an effort to achieve the most successful results.

  • Use essential oils to massage into the scalp, some of which boast of being specific for this purpose. The suggested recipe is almond oil at one tablespoon, along with three drops of rosemary and peppermint oils all mixed together and rubbed into the scalp. Alternatively, once each morning, rub the scalp with a combination of ⅕ of vodka and three oz. of cayenne pepper in just a small amount which touts to stimulate the follicles and increase the circulation of blood. For steps to follow for natural methods go to
  • Biotin B vitamin plays an essential role in not only hair but nails and skin. It is entirely natural and is an ingredient that you will find in many health supplements relevant to hair.
  • One technique to assist with stimulation is the use of a natural bristle brush to groom with every morning, e.g., a boar bristle brush. Brushing boasts as stimulating the follicles and touts as making the existing strands particularly healthy.
  • Rich in fatty acids, Omega 9, as well as Vitamin E, is castor oil, which facilitates a healthy growing process. The substance is known to have a sticky, thick consistency. The recommendation for improving efficacy is to blend an ounce in with four drops of the essential oil rosemary for massaging in the scalp. Once you’ve massaged it thoroughly, leave it sit for approximately 45 minutes and then make sure to rinse it completely out. To read about using onions as a technique go to this link.
  • Our strands need protein and what better source than eggs. The suggestion is to use two egg yolks whisked with olive oil, two tablespoons, which you apply and massage on the scalp. After rubbing it in good, allow it to sit for approximately 20 minutes and then use cold water to rinse it. Once you’ve rinsed it through, shampoo your hair.
  • Lemon juice is a natural stimulant for circulation and prevents loss of follicles. There is the option of blending it in with oil and rubbing it in, where it will stay for approximately half an hour before it is thoroughly washed out.

Learn Hair Regrowth Treatments That Are Easy To Use and will yield positive results. From oils to onions we have the top tips.

Changes To Make In Your Life

Natural remedies can be beneficial for the potential stimulation of regrowth. Still, as with any system within our body, for it to operate efficiently and effectively, we must maintain good overall health practices. For you to improve your health, there may be changes that need implementing.

  • Increasing the amount of some specific stomach acids in the body can potentially assist with the issue regarding follicle replacement. In having the appropriate foods, the right stomach acids increase, which promotes a healthier growing progression. Nutrients are better processed with adequate and proper acids in the stomach, in turn assisting in regrowth.
  • A natural stimulator for our strands is gelatin, which contains amino acids that promote growth as well as nail health and skin health. You can mix gelatin base in with smoothies, in soups, in teas, and have a natural remedy without any extra time, effort, or hassle.
  • Our hormones need to be consistently in balance, specifically estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid. In women, a common imbalance is estrogen dominance. Sometimes the cause is toxins such as pesticides or BPA that react as estrogen within the body, causing an imbalance. When there is an estrogen hormone elevation, it will frequently contribute to loss of hair for women as well as men’s hair loss

Stress initiates a spike in cortisol, which needs regulating not only for regrowth but for us to function each day.

When you have a relatively healthy metabolism, your thyroid hormones can generally regulate with each of these contributing to a positive, healthy growing process.


In using one of these methods or a couple of them together, you may have great success if you’re having problems with the loss or thinning of your strands. But it’s important to remember if you have a friend who has luck with a remedy and you aren’t, everyone’s system is unique, and not everyone is going to react the same as someone else may. But you may find that just changing some aspects of your lifestyle may be useful in itself. That may be an excellent place to begin and then go from that point.

Also, there are many health supplements available for this purpose using natural ingredients. But whatever you opt to do for your particular situation, it’s important to be hopeful and understand that there is something out there that will help you in some way to enhance the growth that you’re experiencing.


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