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Finger Coils On Natural Hair

Finger Coils on natural hair is a great style for new naturals whether you did the big chop or transitioning. Learn all about this style.

Finger coils on natural hair is sheer beauty. This simple and lasting style is a favorite of new naturals and for good reason.  It can created on any length and one of the many styles for working with two different textures if transitioning. This style is just as stunning as it is lasting and many new naturals gravitate to this style because it is easy and looks great on every hair texture.

Summer Hair, Create Finger Coils On Short Natural Hair

Let’s learn more about this wonder natural hairstyle, why it is popular and how to achieve it on any length and texture. We will also discuss some important tips to get the best look, shine and lasting of this natural hairstyle.

What are finger coils?

Finger coils are just that, coiling small sections of hair around your finger or fingers.  This should be done on clean wet and/or damp hair and every length is able as long as you can coil it around your finger or fingers. This means anyone can achieve this style with ease as long as they have patience and willing to put the time in. Finger coils look best on smaller sections of hair so they take some time to create this style.

Top tips for Finger coils on natural hair

Start off with freshly washed hair – This style should always be achieved on washday and using particular products to hold the style well along with giving it great sheen and/or shine.

Fully detangle hair prior to starting the style –  Hair must be fully detangled and product applied to all strands from roots to tips. This will keep hair from looking frizzy and allow the coils to be uniform.

Section hair into small uniform sections – There is nothing worse than finger coils that do not look uniform in size, unless you are going for that look.  A one inch diagonal part for each section (or smaller) is ideal and try and make the lines and sizes uniform. The more uniform the better. No, it doesn’t have to be perfect but it will look better if all the sections are small, the same size and lines are straight.  Small sections also keep the roots from looking puffy.

Make sure each coil is coiled completely and tightly – This will make for a better finger coil that lasts.

Allow hair to dry full and a hooded dryer is best – I love air drying but when it comes to a finger coil, a hooded dryer will dry the air smoother and of course faster.


Great videos on finger coils

We have three videos and the products they used to create this natural hairstyle. One on short hair, one on longer hair and one on transitioning hair.  They describe their personal process and the products they use but know you can always experiment with the products and techniques to achieve your best style.

Here is Kimberly Cherrell with her best ever set. She shares where she went wrong in previous attempts at this style and why this one worked the best for her. She’s got great tips!

Nia Hope shares her amazing style on super short hair. The shine is ridiculous and she got maximum definition.  Told you this can be created on any length.

Alikay Naturals creates this beautiful style on transitioned hair. Despite the two very different textures, the style holds well and looks great. Remember, yours may not come out exactly the same but it will be very beautiful.

Have I created finger coils on my hair?

No, because I am a self-proclaimed lazy natural and mostly do wash and go or rock a headwrap.  I know, I know. I am telling you to try this amazing style, yet I’ve never worn it. Now, I have created them on my hair and I liked it but I never really wear the style often as it is easier for me to do a wash and go.

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If you love creating new styles that will last, this is the style for you. If you are like me and just go with the flow, you may wanna pass on this style.



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