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5 Signs It’s Time To Cut Your Transitioning Hair

Transitioning hair can be challenging but rewarding as you see your hair growth with two textures. Is it time to ditch transitioning? Here are the signs.

Going natural is a beautiful journey.  You can start by doing a big chop or just transitioning.  The path will decide how long your journey will take but either way is still beautiful. Transitioning is a longer path than just chopping your hair off but how long it has to be is really up to you. Transitioning hair can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.  I’ve seen both but quite often, there are real signs on when it is time to let go of the transitioning hair.

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There are five big signs that make it easy for you to determine when it is time to stop transitioning. You have may one or all of these signs telling you to pull out the shears, so check our list and let’s see if it is time for you to move to the next phase in your natural hair journey.

Transitioning Hair Signs

Tangles and knots are getting WORSE in your transitioning hair

Most naturals deal with tangles Our natural naturally coils and curls around itself so ti tangles up and creates knots. IT’s the nature of our glorious mane.  If you are noticing that the number of tangles and knots in your transitioning hair has INCREASED, it’s a big sign you either need a much-needed trim, or just to bite the bullet and cut off the remaining relaxed ends.

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Reason being, you may be over manipulating your hair and creating more damage by trying to work through those tangles and knots. Detangling is also very time-consuming and you can never get that time back and long detangling sessions can lead to frustration.  Cutting off your relaxed ends will not end detangling sessions but it will make them less problematic then dealing with two very different hair textures.

Excessive breakage

Breakage is a regular beast that occurs with transitioning hair and there aren’t enough protein treatments, trims or low maintenance styles that will stop it. Unfortunately the the line of demarcation, (The Line of Demarcation is the hair or the point of hair that separates the two textures. This hair is weak. Because of it’s fragile nature being gentle is a must and using the correct tools will lower your breakage), will always be an issue as long as you deal with two very different and conflicting textures. Damage will continue to occur and for many naturals it creates harder styling options.

This is one of the biggest reasons naturals end their transitioning journey as they feel they are doing ore damage than good by not cutting those relaxed ends off.

Transitioning hair can be challenging but rewarding as you see your hair growth with two textures. Is it time to ditch transitioning? Here are the signs.

Tired of your same styles

Some of us love variety and that can spill over into our hairstyles. Natural hair is so amazing versatile when it comes to styling.  The options are pretty endless from short to long to extensions to twists and everything in between. Just because you are transitioning does not mean you are without variety. It just means you are somewhat limited on styles, especially if you are trying to get a uniform curl or coil with both textures.

Short Hair Transitioning Natural Hairstyles

Are you ready for a wash and go or a twist out and know that your two textures are not going to get you there? It may be time to cut those ends and try those styles you’ve been fearful to even try when transitioning. These new styles may even allow you to feel like a new natural again so go for it!

Relaxed ends are breaking off, dry or too damaged

Those relaxed ends may be tired of this journey and we understand why. As you care for your hair while transitioning your relaxed ends may be breaking off, dry or brittle and no matter what you do, they just won’t get any better.  It could be your ends are rubbing against your clothing or the processing from the perm has just done them in.  Whatever the reason, your hair will LOOK healthier once you ditch them since you cannot fix them.

You are losing your patience with your hair

We never want you to feel this journey is pointless or taking too long. Every woman going natural must have patience to learn and care for her hair, but you can make it harder for yourself if transitioning too long. If you are transitioning and just tired of the journey or tired of dealing with two very different textures, it may be past time to ditch those relaxed ends and just deal with your natural strands.  This is your journey and no one can decide how it will go except you. Just make sure you are not making it harder than it needs to be.

Let’s make this transitioning hair journey as pleasant as possible Newbies!



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