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Fall Haircare Tips For More Moisturized Natural Hair

Fall haircare is imporotant for moisture and protction. As the temperature cools, your natural hair needs attention. Here's what it needs

Stepping into September with a lot going on in the world does not stop us from caring for our hair. New seasons create new challenges as the weather changes. Fall haircare is a priority to maintain moisture and keep hair protected from not just the cold temps but from drying heat as we stay warm inside. Moisture is the name of the game. That and protection. We’ve got some stellar tips that will take your moisture game to the next level.

Use Clarifying + Moisturizing Shampoo Regimen for fall haircare

I’ve often use my clarifying + Moisturizing shampoo regimen during fall and winter from a tip I learned a few years ago when trying Myavana. Myavana first hair care recommendation system that tells you your hair type, hair porosity, what your hair needs and the best products for your hair. While I knew a lot about my hair (already knew I had high porosity strands) I did not know just how important clarifying was and my need to use it more. They take your strands under a microscope to tell you more about it and what I found out was scary.


I had build-up all over my head! Yes, my hair seemed and felt clean but there was build-up and the expert told me to start clarifying my hair. *holds head in shame*. First off, I need to rinse my hair more and start using a clarifying shampoo + moisturizing shampoo to fully cleanse and moisturize my strands.

She suggested rinsing my hair well before washing (2 minutes or more!) before clarifying with Design Essentials Oat Protein Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo, rinsing and then washing hair again with Design Essentials Honey Creme Moisture Retention Shampoo. The latter shampoo is a gentle non-stripping formula that detangle, smooths hair cuticles, honey conditions and restores moisture balance. My healthier hair appreciated the tip and is thriving and not dry! I do monthly (or a tad bit less) or whenever my hair is really dirty! I thoroughly rinse my hair afterward too.

The takeaway of this tip is to properly cleanse and moisturize your hair BEFORE you even start to condition it. This is a vital step to maintain moisture for our fall natural hair regimen.

Fall haircare is imporotant for moisture and protction. As the temperature cools, your natural hair needs attention. Here's what it needs

Try a moisturizing hair mask in your fall haircare

Hair masks are excellent ways to get your hair back into shape and ready for the new season. There are too many to mention but I wanted to share two top ones with popular oils, Avocado and Coconut, that will  be perfect for your fall haircare routine.

Moisture for dry hair mask
1/2 avocado
1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil 
3 drops lavender essential oil 
1 tbsp. Honey (optional)
Plastic cap

What to do:
First, blend half the fruit thoroughly into a lump-free puree. Mix the pureed avocado with the olive oil and lavender oil. Once mixed well, your mask is ready!

Apple evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends of your hair, as this is where hair tends to be most dry. You may also add a tablespoon of honey. Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture to it. If the mask feels too sticky from the honey, add some olive oil to the mixture. Place cap on head and leave on your hair from 20 minutes to an hour depending on the level of treatment you prefer.

Moisturizing Coconut Hair Mask
2-4 tbsp. coconut oil
5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend of essential oils
Plastic or thermal heat cap

Mix coconut oil and essential oil (or blend) together in small bowl.  Massage into your hair and it it not necessary to apply to scalp but it won’t hurt! Cover with plastic cap or thermal cap for 30-60 minutes. Wash out and style as usual.

Try hair steaming

Hair steam is using steam or moist heat to hair strands and aids hair and scalp more than you realize. Hair steaming can be done in a few different ways from utilizing steam from a shower to using hand-held or hooded steamers.  Here are two reasons to try it:

More Effective Deep Conditioning – If you suffer from low porosity hair or hair dryness, hair steaming helps to lift the hair’s cuticle so that moisture can get in and this allows for a more effective deep conditioning treatment that doesn’t require hours or overnight to accomplish.

Make Your Hot Oil Treatment Work Harder – Often we think just leaving products or oils on our hair longer will do the trick but hair steaming makes penetrating oils like coconut or olive oil work better at moisturizing and sealing.

Fall haircare is imporotant for moisture and protction. As the temperature cools, your natural hair needs attention. Here's what it needs

Style With Protection In Mind

Whether you are thinking about getting braids, wearing satin-lined hats, or simply keeping your hair off your shoulders and clothing, protecting your strands should always be a priority for positive fall haircare.  Anything you can do to protect your ends is beneficial to your hair with the colder temps. Buns, updos, extensions, crochet braids, or less manipulation are are all great ways to keep the ends tucked away and/ or protected. The key to protecting your hair during styling is low manipulation and regular moisturizing. So whatever protective style you’re rocking, be sure that you are still able to properly moisturize your hair.

Can your wash and go be protective? Yes, if you keep it low key. I try and get 3 or 4 days of wear on my wash and go and afterward I rock headwraps to allow even more low manipulation.  Less is more when it comes to styling in fall.

What’s in your fall haircare spray bottle? 

I know you have one, right? If not, make sure to get one and use when needed. I keep one on hand and use a few times a week depending on when necessary.  I change it up by the season so check out what I use during fall.

My spray bottle every Fall

Distilled Water
Lavender oil
Knot Today Conditioner
Jojoba Oil

Now for fall, I increase a few things but make sure you understand that I still make water the main component. I do add the Kinky Curly Knot Today to the bottle because it is not too thick and I only add a couple of drops. I always add a few drops of Jojoba Oil, because it is my favorite carrier oil after coconut and a lighter one that my hair responds to very well.

These tips are crucial as we head into fall and winter so make sure you take heed. This is just part 1 of this post so expect more tips and tricks for more moisture and protection next week!



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