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Natural Hair Goals For 2021, All About Health & Variety

Natural Hair Goals For 2021 is All About Health & Variety. From routine hair techniques to fun ways to change up your natural hair.

It’s January 2021 and it’s time to set some hair goals. Natural Hair goals 2021 should stay simple yet effective so you complete them.  Working on hair health and having fun while doing it is always the way to go and we are gonna add variety to your hair without harming it.

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Natural hair goals are necessary to keep your hair on the healthy track. Many are just about growing hair or length retention, but if you want those things, then you must have hair goals. Check out the top natural hair goals for 2021 that will get you all the hair love you crave!

Healthy Haircare Routine

Have you gotten your washday routine down yet? Also, do you work hard at retaining moisture in your strands? Do you deep conditioner almost every washday and are you protecting your hair at night? All of these are vital components on making sure your hair stays healthy.  Here are a few posts from the blog to help in the areas mentioned:

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Get Regular Trims

No one has to be reminded about this Natural hair goal more than me. I didn’t trim my hair in 2020 and it showed!  I was fighting massive tangles and my detangling sessions were next level until I did a trim yesterday.  I motto is to do this twice a year. I don’t need to do them more often because I don’t do heat styling or color and only allow my hair to air dry.  While naturals don’t need to trim every six weeks, some may need to do it three or four times a year depending on your manipulation and/or how your ends look.


Yes, hair grows regardless, but it can be breaking off if not trimmed regularly. Holding onto raggedy, frizzy or damaged ends will not help your hair grow and may cause even more damage. Trim them yourself or go get a trim from a professional. Split ends can travel up the shaft of the hair and can cause serious hair breakage.


Natural Hair Goals For 2021 is All About Health & Variety. From routine hair techniques to fun ways to change up your natural hair.

Get a Journal

This tip is something I need to adhere to as I’m guilty of neglecting the previous goal. Get a journal! We all love them and while some of us are better as using them than others, hair journals keep you on track on hair maintenance needs. Logging washdays, protein treatments and hair appointments are crucial to keeping up with everyday needs but if a hair journal is just not your bag, opt for reminders on your phone or calendar instead.

Deep Conditioning Regularly

I take this step very seriously and the reason I rarely suffer from dryness in the dry climate of Colorado. DC’s are penetrating conditioners that dig deep into the hair shaft to adds moisture, maintains elasticity, and strengthens hair. They work harder and better than regular conditioners so do them regularly!  If you are not getting it in every washday, make sure it is every OTHER washday.  This step is too vital to forget.

Try Some Wigs!

Now, to the fun part.  We took care of the basics, but now let’s do all the fun things we may have neglected to do last year.  We are gonna try all the wild colors, extensions, textures—you name it while all the while never harming our own tresses. Wigs are BIG and they are becoming more reasonably priced and easier to manage for the non-hairstyling divas of the natural hair world.  I’m wearing the Kurly Klips 20in 3c Curly Headband Wig and I LOVE it! It gives me length and volume and I’ve been having fun with it.

Get colorful ones, go wild with different hairstyles, and do it all with the variety of wigs.  I’ve been wearing ready to wear and headband wigs lately just for fun and have to say it’s nice.  I never straighten or color my hair, so this is a great way to do rock both with a wig and my hair and edges won’t suffer.  Another thing, they are not super expensive either.

Got any other natural hair goals for 2021? Share below and let’s even add a few to the post.



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