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Top Summer Hair Tips For Natural Hair

Happy Summer Newbies!  It’s time to discuss summer hair tips from the best in the biz from my other blog, Seriously Natural which is perfect as we soak up the sun and have some real fun!

Beach, bbq, and bombshell hair is all that most of us want this summer. Maybe a few highlights and less frizz too, but what’s even more important is protecting our hair from summer’s grueling sun, water play and dryness. Only a few years ago I became aware that the sun can be harmful to our hair and scalp so obviously we need to know the dangers as well as the solutions as we vacation and enjoy the outdoors.

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It’s hot, sticky and full of activity this season, but we still want beautiful hair, so I enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist and Society Salon owner, Sam DiVine to on his best tips for keeping summer hair healthy and happy. Check out her top four summer hair tips that many of us may not even know about!

From scalp burn to chlorine hair, there are real concerns for your hair during summer. Check out our top summer hair tips from the experts!

All too often we associate dryness to the cooler seasons, women still suffer from dryness and brittle hair in the heat of summer too. Sam’s summer hair tips are simple and easy to follow.

Sam’s Solution: We all know that using excessive heat tools causes hair to become dry and brittle. During hot summer days, spending hours at the beach or pool still counts as applying heat to your hair. By using leave- In conditioner on your ends or heat protection spray before leaving the house can protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

From scalp burn to chlorine hair, there are real concerns for your hair during summer. Check out our top summer hair tips from the experts!

Yes, our scalp can burn and if you’ve ever suffered from this, you know how painful and/or annoying it can become. Sam’s got a quick trick that will leave your hair protected and still pretty.

Sam’s Solution: A healthy scalp helps produce and maintain healthy hair. Healthy scalp habits are important, especially during the summer. For sun protection I’d recommend a specific oil that has UV protection such as Shu Uemura Essence Oil. This can be applied to protect the scalp from painful burns and will keep your hair healthy.

From scalp burn to chlorine hair, there are real concerns for your hair during summer. Check out our top summer hair tips from the experts!

We discuss water play every spring and summer because it can be so damaging to our strands but rarely do we discuss how it can affect our color, especially if you are rocking blond or red hair color. Check out Sam’s quick fix using a natural ingredient we often love.

Sam’s Solution: Women who spend most of their days by the pool can be a victim of green hair. This happens when the chemicals from some hair dyes mix with chlorine. I would recommend protecting the hair before going in the water by rinsing it with tap water and applying a moisturizing conditioner such as Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Conditioner. The conditioner or masque creates a barrier between the oxidized copper in the water and the cuticle of the hair making it more difficult for the copper to cling to the hair.  This is one of our favorite summer hair tips!

If it is already turned green then I would suggest one of two things:

(1) See your colorist for a Malibu treatment that will remove any build up, draw out the green discoloration, and nourish hair from the inside out in the process.

(2) An at home treatment also offered by Malibu. They have a shampoo line specifically designed for swimmers that can be found here.

There is a difference between oily hair and keeping our hair’s natural oils present. Too much of a good thing does turn into a problem so while we are all out her sweating and often overproducing oils, there is an easy way to keep it from becoming a real issue.

Sam’s Solution: Your sweat often produces the oily look to your hair. While I am a fan of using natural ingredients to combat the oily look, one must consider a fishtail braid or simple updo to move you hair away from common sweat areas such as your forehead and the back of your neck. Summer is a great time to try that updo you’ve always wanted to.


I truly hope you found these summer hair tips from experts helpful. My goal is to make every season a breeze for my natural newbies so go forth and frolic all through fall!



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