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6 Popular Fall Hairstyles for Afro Hair

Afro Hair fall hairstyles are here and we've got 6 of the hottest to wear. Fall looks are about standing out and these are perfect!

What better time to revamp your hairstyles than a new season? With the change of weather, giving your hair some additional TLC during fall as well as trying new hairstyles for afro hair means it’ll remain healthy and look on trend.  There is a of style that your hair can bring to your look this fall and we’ve worked on some of the best in Afro Hair for natural hair lovelies.

Best TWA Hairstyles For Fall!

While this list is far from all Afro hairstyles worth checking out, they are the hottest and will elevate your style. Make sure to always keep your hair’s health as top priority and have fun with whatever you choose to rock.  Here are 6 fall afro hairstyles for ladies in 2021.


Box Braids Afro Hair

If you want to keep your hair tucked away during fall but you still want to look stylish then box braids are the way to go. Not only are they a great style for preventing moisture loss during colder weather but they’re easy to maintain and you still have a lot of versatility whether you choose to wear them up or down.  There are so many versions of it too like these goddess braids above, which are a variation of box braids.

Afro Hair fall hairstyles are here and we've got 6 of the hottest to wear. Fall looks are about standing out and these are perfect!

Actually, all kinds of braids are doing it for women this fall and the longer the BETTER!  Whether you want them crocheted, knotless or even trying faux locs, the biggest flex is the long ones and they don’t come cheap.  Have fun this fall and try some box braids or other variations for some fun this fall and winter.

Front twist

Did somebody say party at the front and business at the back? That’s exactly what you’ll get with a front twist hairstyle. Section the front part of your hair, apply a curl cream of your choice such as the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream then either twist or braid it. At the back, you can keep the style neat with a tight bun or let your Fro loose in a ponytail, either way, it’s the perfect spin on a classic style.

Afro Hair fall hairstyles are here and we've got 6 of the hottest to wear. Fall looks are about standing out and these are perfect!

Don’t ever be afraid to add hair to give the fullness you are looking for to get the desired effect. Adding accessories only creates a more elegant look and perfect for Fall and winter parties.  This look just screams gorgeousness and will elevate your whole look.


Fall is the ideal time to accessorize your curls. Why not add a hair wrap that matches the color of your outfit and keeps your hair out of the way. When you need to do your hair quickly for work or you need an effortless style, hair wraps can instantly make you look put together but only take a few minutes to do. During fall it’s difficult to know whether it’s going to be rainy, windy or even sunny but a hair wrap will look good no matter the weather.

The colors are endless, the patterns are gorgeous and the styles to create are perfect for every occasion this fall. My faves are from Etsy or Amazon and many are black owned so that’s a big plus.  They are also great for bad weather to keep your hair protected and away from snow and rain.

Afro Hair fall hairstyles are here and we've got 6 of the hottest to wear. Fall looks are about standing out and these are perfect!

Slick bun Afro Hair

The amazing thing about afro hair is that one day you can embrace volume and the next you can rock a sleek look! A slick bun is a perfect style before washday as it’ll keep those flyaways at bay and survive the weather or a busy day at work! All you need is a gel such as Eco Styler or a pomade to slick down your hair, pop it in a bun and you’re ready to go.

A slick bun is dramatic and sexy and even better if you add an Afro Hair bun at the end for fullness.  Keeping some buns around the house will be great for that date night or girl’s night out.  You will be addicted to this style.


Cornrows Afro Hair

Cornrows are one of the simplest afro hairstyles for women and they never go out of fashion. Bring them back during autumn in a range of styles including a full head of cornrows or half a head so you can rock your afro puff at the same time. Use hair oil regularly to keep your scalp hydrated and the lengths feeling soft – the Mielle Rosemary Mint Growth Oil
is a great choice!

Cornrows is the perfect Afro hairstyle because it is protective, stylish, lasts just long enough and gorgeous.  The styles are pretty endless as looks have evolved from just straight to the back.  Have fun with the different looks and enjoy how much attention you get from everyone admiring your hair.


Twist out

When you feel like wearing your hair out but don’t have the time to define your curls, twist-outs are one of the best afro hairstyles for women. Simply wash your hair as usual then apply a leave-in conditioner such as the Camille Rose Curlaide Moisture Butter before twisting your hair. In the morning, your hair should be dried and you can unravel the twist to reveal beautiful waves.

Twist outs are stunning and a great style for any event. They can be refreshed after a few days to give it new life and remember there is a regular twist out or a flat twist out like the one above.   A lot of naturals opt for this look if their hair does not curl as they would like it to and the waves created look great.


Afro Hair fall hairstyles are here and we've got 6 of the hottest to wear. Fall looks are about standing out and these are perfect!Ponytails

I added a bonus because I have been having SO MUCH FUN with my ponytails and know you will too.  These ponytails are easy to install, fun to wear and are priced right too. Whether you want synthetic or human hair, you have choices and the varsities  are pretty endless as well in the hair texture and type.

This ponytail above looks great slicked back and allow the ponytail to take over and give your look such grace and beauty. Also ideal for bad hair days when you just don’t to fuss or bother with doing your hair. A win/win.

Avocado Hair Mask For Mega Moisture

These Afro Hair looks are going to be the most popular this fall.  Mark my words!  So, what are you waiting for? Try some of the hottest afro hairstyles for ladies in 2021 and look your best throughout fall!



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