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Travel Tips Natural Hair Edition

Travel tips natural hair edition is all about what you need while vacationing this summer and fall. The products you need

Just getting back from Jamaica, and it was giving all the love I deserved.  Travel tips natural hair edition is just in time for summer 2022.  Summer officially starts next month, so this is the perfect time to share some amazing natural hair tips while you travel and enjoy that much-needed vacation.

Best Transitioning Hairstyles For Natural Hair Newbies

If you are newly natural, and a little skeptical about how to rock your natural hair, you can count on me for the top ways to keep your hair healthy and happy while you travel.  I’ve got a few travel tips below that will make your next vacay a great one!

Plan for your hair and hairstyles travel tips

One of the biggest travel tips is all about planning your hairstyles. Whether you want to get a protective style like braids,  before the trip or just want hair in the best shape before you go; make sure you plan accordingly so that your hair will not be the main concern during the vacay.  Get your protective style installed well before the trip (especially if it’s a first time) so you now how to care for your hair when it is installed. This will also give you time to get the products you need to maintain the style properly.

Also, get a trim, do a deep conditioning treatment or hair masque to make sure hair is as healthy and moisturized as possible BEFORE you go.  When vacationing, we tend to be lax on our regular duties, so make sure hair is in tip top shape to whether the slight neglect.  Make sure to bring a detangling tool or product too.

Check the climate travel tips

Yea, the weather will affect your tresses and ruin your planned hairstyles. No, I don’t mean the actual temps (although that is beneficial) but rather how their climate is and how that may affect your tresses. Denver, CO is super dry with next to no humidity while Jamaica is the direct opposite. I knew I may be dealing with frizz so I took my fave gel, the Kinky Curly Curling Custard at also brought the heavier Eco Styler Gel in case it was needed.

Vacation Braids Perfect for Summer And Fall 2022

Check the climate of your destination to know what products you may need or even what styles may be more conducive to the new climate. Not sure how your hair will respond? Check out the next tip!

Travel tips natural hair edition is all about what you need while vacationing this summer and fall. The products you need

Bring your tried and true products

This is kind of a no-brainier but I’ve been known to forget a product or two and regretted it. Everywhere you go is not natural hair friendly meaning they may not have your products or ANY products for you to pick up. Plus it can be pricey if they do have it so plan ahead and think of what you plan on using while away.  Also consider getting one of the many travel kits popular brands offer while on vacay to make your packing even easier.

For me that was:

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Shampoo
Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Conditioner
Cheap Conditioner (next tip)
Gel or some styler
Misting Spray Bottle (lifesaver!)

I also had a deep conditioner, satin pillowcase for hotel pillow, microfiber towel, satin cap for sleep and a satin-lined hat.  Tons of brands have travel sets like Curls or Briogeo, so that is an option but since I’m so extra I just brought my regular bottles.

Bring Tons Of Your Favorite Cheap Conditioner

If you are planning on swimming whether it is a pool, creek, river or ocean, then bring your favorite cheap conditioner like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner with Coconut Essences to save your tresses from damage from chlorine, salt-water or whatever else is lurking in there. Wetting your hair and adding a conditioner will help keep the chlorine, salt-water, etc. out so buy a big bottle of some cheap conditioner to slather and protect your hair when swimming.  This tip is crucial to saving your strands from drying out when you get back from vacay..

Ziplock bags are your best friend

I make sure to stock up on Ziploc (or no name) plastic bags to keep my beauty essentials in as they are a lifesaver for organization and to minimize spillage. I get quart size and bigger and they are great for my other beauty items outside of hair.


Don’t Forget Your Natural Hair Accessories!

Those satin bonnets, hair pins and hair clips come in handy all throughout the trip.  From wearing a satin scarf under a sweaty helmet when you are on ATV’s to protecting your hair on hotel pillowcases, these items help to keep your hair clean, frizz-free and still looking fab.  I would keep styling tools to a minimum (especially heat styling tools) as they can dry out your hair and that means work on vacay! Who wants that?

Use Travel Containers

I always tell newbies when they go on their first travel adventure after going natural to bring everything you remotely feel you will need. Better to have more than less is always my motto. You can lessen the load by putting products in those cheap travel containers you find in Target, Walmart, etc., and write on them with a permanent market or add a label.

 This is one of the better of the travel tips as many newbies are nervous and always tend to bring more than they need, so you won’t cram the suitcase with all your products.  Also, add some tap to the top so you don’t encounter any spillage. This is why Ziploc bags are so handy and helpful. If you do encounter spillage, it will stay in the bag and not on your clothes and shoes.

Hot Air Brush For Straight Natural Hairstyles

All these travel tips are going to make your trip carefree for your hair. I’ve been on enough trips to know exactly how to do it right and have no worries with lots of fun and my hair always looks amazing.

Have fun Newbies,



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