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Natural Hairstyles Perfect For Summer!

Natural Hairstyles For your #NOHEAT Hair Challenge this summer will be fun and perfect for vacations and family gatherings.

Many naturals love summer hairstyles that don’t require daily upkeep and no direct heat. Our delicate strands do not fare well with direct heat (flat iron, hot comb, or blow dryer). While heat protectant and lowering the temperature of the heat styling tools are all helpful, laying off heat when creating favorite natural hairstyles for a while is even better and we still have several natural hairstyles to rock when laying off that heat!

BEST Protective Hairstyles For 4C Natural Hair

As the weather heats up, many are opting for a change and trying a #noheatchallenge or even just thinking about one have, usually have a pretty big complaint and/or question.  What natural hairstyles can I wear during the challenge and during summer?  When you are using heat styling tools for the majority of your hairstyles you may find the challenge unthinkable so we’ve come up with a laundry list of styles that will keep your challenge simple and hair beautiful at the same time for summer.

Braids & Twists Natural Hairstyles 

We love box braids, faux Locs natural hairstyles, and every variation in-between. These easy to install or have installed protective styles are excellent choices when taking on a #noheatchallenge and not sure what styles to wear if heat styling dependent.

Remember to give hair a break between installs, and never allow your own hair to be neglected (meaning it needs to still be washed, conditioned and cared for properly!).  Also, take them down when you are supposed to and don’t have the installer put them in too tight for fear of creating thinning edges.


 Flexi rods, Rollers & Perm Rods Sets

Taking a trip down relaxed hair lane, flexi rods, rollers sets and perm rollers are great natural hairstyles to rock when in a #noheatchallenge. Many newbies may still have these hair tools on hand as they still serve a purpose for natural hair. Actually, they are one of the few hair tools that transfer over nicely.  A vital trick that many newbies aren’t aware of getting straight hair by first doing a roller set, silk wrapping after tying hair up to create smooth, sleek straight natural hair. Not bone straight, but a less damaging way to achieve straight natural hair.

Natural Hairstyles For your #NOHEAT Hair Challenge this summer will be fun and perfect for vacations and family gatherings.

The biggest problem you may face is fighting frizz and getting curls smooth. Practice certainly makes perfect, taking down rollers when hair is completely dry and doing on freshly washed hair are all going to ensure your curls are fab and last as long as you want them too.



Updos and natural hair go hand in hand and while many assume they are just for special occasions, updos are perfect for every day of the week. Updos can be twist pinned up high, a bun with bangs, or a plethora of styles that never rely on heat to create.  Not sure which one to try? Head over to Pinterest and simple search “natural hair updo” and be amazed at the thousands of pictures and styles that show up that require no heat to create.

Check out these great Natural Hairstyles For your #NOHEAT Hair Challenge. Curly Hairstyles, Coily Hairstyles and Kinky hairstyles are all represented and learn how to create beautiful no heat hairstyles.

Some of these styles go hand in hand like roller setting and updos so experiment with each style and combine some to create amazing looks that last and give your hair some much-needed heat-free TLC.


Crochet Braids

I love crochet braids and they are still as popular as ever! This short-lived style is great for protecting hair while leaving heat alone. They are super easy to install and the styles are pretty endless.

Natural Hairstyles For your #NOHEAT Hair Challenge this summer will be fun and perfect for vacations and family gatherings.

Crochet braids can be long, short, straight, faux locs, curly, blond or every other color on the color wheel. The styles are so amazing that often many will never even know you are wearing them.  This style is going nowhere and will be seen in every variation all summer long.

How To Keep A Clean Scalp In A Protective Style

Crochet braids don’t last as long as other braids or twists but they are often cheaper, more versatile and a much quicker install. I have to say this is my fave on this list of natural hairstyles and will be a hot look this upcoming spring and summer.


Wash & Go

I understand that for many newbies the wash and go is a challenge all by itself but the true definition of the wash and go is to accept your hair’s natural curl, coil or kink and rock that out naturally. The focus is on definition for most, but making sure hair is properly moisturized and sealed allows the wash and go to last longer and look amazing.


There are numerous variations on this style and yes every type from 3B to 4C can rock a wash and go successfully. The key is moisture and total acceptance of one’s own hair type. You also need to find a routine you love and products that work with your hair but this is a style that can be mastered by all.

The biggest challenges with the wash and go is keeping hair moisturized and a wash and go’s tendency to tangle. I and many get 2nd, 3rd and even longer days with this style but it is something to master. I added it as it’s my day to day look and I no longer use heat.


 Wigs & Weaves

I listed this last but know this is a truly viable option during a #noheatchallenge. The styles are endless and the weaves can last as long as your challenge! This is a pretty pricey choice if you are big on rocking human hair or want a wig or weave that lasts a long time but for many, this is the ideal way to go to give your hair a break.  Get this awesome wig now!

Natural Hairstyles For your #NOHEAT Hair Challenge this summer will be fun and perfect for vacations and family gatherings.

Just like all with braids and crochet braids, caring for your own tresses while wearing a wig or weave is imperative to keep hair healthy while under the weaves and wigs. Never sleep in wigs and never place a wig on wet hair as that’s just a breeding ground for bacteria and scalp issues.

The takeaway from this post is the massive amounts of hairstyles you can wear while doing a #noheatchallenge that requires either little to more than a little work on your part. From super cheap to hella expensive, your options are pretty great and you can spend more time allow your hair a much-needed break from heat while still looking too damn beautiful!

How To Care For Your Natural Hair When Wearing Crochet Braids

Have you tried a #noheatchallenge? What hairstyle did you rock during the challenge? Share below!!



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    Since human hair develops at a rate of around ½" every month you can envision these wigs will be more costly than those commonly made of manufactured filaments. bob wig

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