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How To Go Natural With Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are nothing new and more women are wearing them. Time to learn how to go natural with hair extensions successfully.

For some, going natural requires some additional help or needs. Yes, many hit the blogs and vlogs for styling ideas, routines and washday tips but for others, rocking hair extensions is a viable option they prefer. Hair extensions are methods of lengthening, thickening or aesthetically changing one’s hair through sewing, gluing or clipping and they are hugely popular for all women.

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Is it possible to go natural with hair extensions? Yes, but you need to do it the right way and that takes some effort and money on the part of the wearer. Here are some necessary steps to make your natural  hair journey with hair extensions go smoothly.

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Don’t feel bad about rocking false hair
I know, I know. Saying you are natural while rocking a wig or weave can get you some disapproving looks from others but honestly who the hell cares? What you choose to do with your hair is your own damn business! I hate to be crass but too often women are so critical of other women and we need to be concerned with ourselves. Rock your extensions as you please.

Take care of your natural hair underneath
One of the biggest problems women face with wearing weaves or wigs is neglecting the hair underneath. You must wash, condition and moisturize your natural hair even with the hair on top protecting it. You still need to wash regularly to remove the dirt, bacteria and products that get trapped in your hair when the extensions are in.

Also give hair a break in between installs. This will allow hair some much needed TLC with deep conditionings and protein treatments but also allows you to care for your natural hair and not become completely dependent on the hair extensions.


Hair extensions are nothing new and more women are wearing them. Time to learn how to go natural with hair extensions successfully.

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Take extra care for your hairline
Too many women of color have become victims to thinning or damaged edges due to hair extensions but that does not need to be in your future. Added hair or wigs too tight on your edges will cause hair loss…period! Worry less about how long they last and more about the health of your hair and hairline. Do not glue any hair directly to your hairline and remember your edges are delicate so treat them well.

Take your vitamins
Vitamins are helpful for our bodies anyway but when rocking hair extensions you want to ensure you are giving your hair all the help it needs.  Here’s some advice from Dr. Phoenyx Austin, a natural haired certified Sports Medicine and Sports Nutrition Specialist.

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“So while you’re rocking your cute little hair piece, make sure to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and take vitamins. The thing to remember is that healthy hair starts from the inside out. So take a good multivitamin, biotin, or prenatal vitamins, which are great for optimal hair growth and hair health.” Dr. Phoenyx Austin

Make sure to install quality hair extensions

Being cheap with hair extensions is a bad idea for a few reasons. First off, they will look like crap and no one wants that. Secondly, they will be limited in what you can do with them or they will not match your natural texture and require you to alter your own hair (like straightening it) to blend and that can create damage.

Guide To Moisturizing A Wig Or Extensions – Revive Wigs

Buying quality hair does not equate with spending a ton of money. It just means be choosy with what you get. A great brand to give a try is Mayvenn.  Mayvenn’s mission is to provide high quality beauty products with an unparalleled shopping experience. Using our world-class technology, we empower beauty professionals by enabling them to grow their business, while providing them and their clients with exceptional customer support.

Hair extensions are nothing new and more women are wearing them. Time to learn how to go natural with hair extensions successfully.

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Here’s a little more info on Mayvenn:

Mayvenn sells 100% virgin hair extensions in a wide variety of textures and colors. We offer Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, and Brazilian virgin hair that is machine-wefted and handpicked for quality.

free shipping & 30 day guarantee
Try the best quality virgin hair on the market risk free! We offer 30-day returns and exchanges on all of our products. Wear it, color it, even cut it; if you’re not happy with your order we will exchange it within 30 days for FREE. Any unused product can be returned for a full refund, no questions asked.

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In a nutshell, if you are going to wear hair extensions while going natural, wear good quality, hair that looks like your own and know you can alter it and rock any style you choose without damaging your own tresses without breaking the bank. It’s a win/win in my book and reason to give this brand a try.


Hair extensions are nothing new and more women are wearing them. Time to learn how to go natural with hair extensions successfully.

YoungSee I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Kinky Straight 

No one is saying you have to go natural with hair extensions nor are we saying you need to. This is merely a viable option that requires some effort on your part so your natural hair stays healthy.

Have you thought about rocking hair extensions while going natural? Share below!



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  1. Domino Cross
    November 1, 2022 / 12:58 am

    Wow, this is a great intel on how to go natural using hair extensions. Can’t wait to try it now!

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