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 Natural Hair For Beginners: Start Here


 This is your journey and we want it to be a great one. Going natural is a personal choice that one does not decide to do lightly. It is a commitment to changing your lifestyle in regards to your hair and health. We just want to make it a positive and beautiful one.

Whether you Big Chop, Long-term Transition or still deciding on going natural here is the place to find out how to do it for much success. As we add more information to the blog we will keep you on the straight path to a natural hair experience like no other.

Here are some pertinent articles to your journey with most from this blog and others from Seriously Natural where over 1000 articles are all about natural hair!

Beginning Basics
Going natural is not as hard as you think nor it is as easy. It takes time and knowledge so as a beginner, I have a few posts that will help you decide which route to take and what you need!

How To Go Natural: The First Most Important Steps
Should I Big Chop Or Long-Term Transition?
5 Top Tips For New Naturals


Going Natural
Going natural is easier when you know what to expect and we’ve got some great articles to give you the real head’s up on how to do it correctly.

Going Natural: What To Expect For The First Six Months 
Going Natural: What To Expect The Last Six Months Of Year One
Is Going Natural Hard?


Natural Hair Terms
Clueless to these terms and how they will affect you and your hair?  Here are some basic terms that will allow you to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and beautiful.

What is Scab Hair?

The Purpose Of The Pre-Poo For Natural Hair
Hair Porosity, What Is It & Is It Important To Know In Natural Hair?

Washing Natural Hair
Cleansing hair is a basic function in healthy haircare but it differs drastically from relaxed hair. Stay in the ‘know’ on how, how often and what to use for properly washing natural hair.

The Best Way To Wash Natural Hair
Wash Day Dos & Don’ts For Natural Hair Newbies
Shampoo vs. Co Wash Natural Hair


Conditioning Natural Hair
Conditioner is the life’s blood to natural hair, 2nd only to moisture. Conditioner was that important while you were relaxed, but it is EVERYTHING while you are natural. Learning how to use it properly and what kinds can be tricky, so check out these articles you get you started on the right path.


How To Deep Condition Natural Hair
When And How To Use Conditioner On Natural Hair
What Is A Leave-In Conditioner?

Hair Loss / Hair Damage

Many women who go natural suffer from some sort of breakage or damage and we want to keep that at a minimum! Expect for posts on this topic in the near future!

How To Prevent Breakage When Transitioning


Natural Hairstyles
Natural hairstyles is all anyone wants to learn so this is a big topic! Natural hair acts differently than relaxed hair and we STILL have look good, so here are some popular articles on basics styles while you take your natural hair journey.

How To Master A Flat Twist Out On Transitioning Natural Hair

How To Get Perfect Curl Wand Curls On Natural Hair

Natural Hairstyles, Twist Outs & How To Create Them Easily!


Growing Natural Hair
Everyone wants hair that grows and grows but learn how hair grows and how to keep it healhty, strong and retaining length!

Natural Hair Care, Growth & Retention – NHB

Hair Growth, Vitamins Most Popular With Naturals – NHB


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